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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to to replace the late antonin scalia on the supreme court. >> for me there could be no higher public service then serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: garland is chief judge on the u.s. court of a appeals in washington d.c. and regarded as a moderate, six three-year old was born in chicago and graduated from harvard law school. the president obama described him as one of the america's sharpes legal mind with the spirit of decency, integrity and even handedness. >> these qualities and long commitment to publish service have earned him the respect and admiration of the leaders, from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: that bipartisan support will be key if the nomination moves forward in the senate. republicans say while it is the president's constitutional right to nominate it is also the senate's right to withhold consent. president obama says he has reached out to every member of the senate judiciary to discuss nomination but for now the g.o.p. leadership is digging in, saying the appointment should wait until after a new president takes
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office. >> next justice could well change the ideal make up of the balance of the supreme court for a generation to come, and fund. ly reshape america. >> reporter: gar land makes his first visit to capitol hill on thursday to meet with members of the congress. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". law makers from our area are weighing in on the president's supreme court nominee, republican pennsylvania senator pat toomey, released a statement that read in part quote, the presidential election fewer than eight months away it is wise to give the american people more direct voice, and, next confirmation of justice. tom carper a democrat called on members of the the congress to work together saying in part the president has done his job, and now it is done that we do ours. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the supreme court nominee merrick garland, we have more on garland on our web site at cbs philly dot the come. north philadelphia school community, is mourning the
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loss of a student, who died from bacterial meningitis, since tonight, parents are gathering at the high school for a meeting about the ill nets. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more. >> reporter: dozens of balloons floating. >> i can remember, you know, releasing balloons, it justice celebrating. >> reporter: remembering a freshman from george washington carver high school who died tuesday due to complication from his bacterial meningitis. >> a lot of issues at school because there are people that are very touched by this. >> reporter: friend say the 15 year-old was a rising sports star with the big smile and a great personality. >> he was a good person, like he was big, kind, gentle. >> reporter: the principal said students themselves asked for this tribute. friend and fellow classmates coming together, the silver lining in a tragic death. >> the message to the student yesterday afternoon was the way we do things here is through community and, you
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know, we're as strong as we are together and we rely on each other and it was pretty evident the in this evident and throughout the day in the building it is a really special place. >> our greg argos reporting. he tells news an hour the school is holding a meeting for parents and students who may have questions about the the virus. coming up at 6:00 o'clock you will a's hear from the freshman's junior varsity basketball coach and special way that the team is going to remember the freshman. other news tonight chopper three over stabbing over a septa bus an 18 year-old was stab getting off the bus at baltimore pike and church road in spring feel delaware county and, the attack was unprovoked and the suspect is a 67 year-old man with a history of mental health problems. the victim was transported to the hospital where we're told his wound are superficial. former cfo of the visit philadelphia is charged with stealing, $200,000, from the the tourism organization. prosecutors say that joyce le thevet embezzled it from
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september 2005 through february 2012. she allegedly spent more than 19,000 dollars at high end restaurant and more than $18,000 a at wholesale retailers, bj's and costco. >> there is a routine ought that it revealed that levet embezzled $118,806 by charging personal expense toes her corporate credit card. >> here's what her attorney has had to say, quote i understand that the grand jury returned a presentment and district attorney acted upon its recommendations, however, the public has not suffered any financial harm. all of the disputed charges were paid, four years ago. beautiful spring-like day full of sunshine and warm temperatures. take a look at this beautiful scene, trees are blooming along martin luther king drive-in philadelphia, but things are changing and we are tracking some storms, right now, meteorologist kate bilo joins us to tell us more about that, kate? >> reporter: thanks very much, ukee. it got warm and with the warmth, this line of showers
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is talking about this since yesterday, has intensified, and we are tracking a line of thunderstorms, and, south of here and we are not seeing a few showers or thunderstorms could pop up here but heaviest as you can see this line of storms with lightening extending from the pennsylvania, new york border, right down into the city right now strongest moving out of portions of upper bucks county and into portions of northern, new jersey. let's zoom in on that particular cell, as a lot of lightening with it here, we will hear then where these storms, flashes of lightening and small hail. we have got cool air in the upper atmosphere still early in the season. small hail can the not be ruled out some one on twit inner hatfield told me they saw hail with these storms. even some heavy showers down right around montgomery area as we head toward center city, notice, i'm in the on the sky deck. we have a storm moving through right now, lightening bolts, cheltenham, one storm moving through main line and lower merion township with lightening and thunder, brief, heavy downpours. these storms are moving very quickly and will exit the area
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quickly as well but they could slow you down during your afternoon commute. if you are waiting for someone to come home it may take longer. this is why. we are looking at the a line of fast moving thunderstorms, brief heavy thunderstorms and that could be blinding rain on the roads if you are out and about this evening. the not every where. some spots may not even see any rain at all but where these storms are they are producing frequent lightening, loud, thunder we are hearing booms of thunder in center city at the moment and possible small hail, some strong gusty wind possible with these storms as well as they move through. you can see why. where these storms are drawing energy from it got warm. sixty-eight in philadelphia. 64 degrees in allentown. tomorrow we may track the same thing warm day with another round of afternoon storms. and then big changes, as we head from spring-like weather to more winter-like weather in time for start of the spring, and coming up we will have that, and we will have more coming up. and in campaign 2016, last night proved to be a big
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night, for both hillary clinton and donald trump. trump has more than half delegates needed to win the republican presidential nomination, he won in north caroline, illinois and florida. democratic front runner hillary clinton scored wins in illinois and ohio. both clinton and trump addressed the supporters last night. >> we cannot be small. we cannot lose what made america great in the first place. and this isn't just about donald trump, all of us have to do our part. we can't just talk about economic in equality we have to take on all form of in equality and discrimination. >> everybody we do business with, beats us. we don't win in trade, we will win in trade. we will make our country rich again. we will make our country great again. we need the rich in order to make the great i'm sorry to tell you. >> both clinton and trum april period to have one in missouri but they have yet to be certified. governor john kasich won his home state of ohio last night, and today he brought
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his campaign to our area. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more from villanova university. >> reporter: with the even why i joy that comes with victory on home turf, ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kasich a now set his sights on pennsylvania. >> i will not take low road to the highest office in the the country. >> reporter: at a town hall hosted on villanova's campus much overshadowed candidate work to fill the gaps left by senator rubio's departure. >> governor last night marco rubio ended his campaign. i'm shopping for a new candidate to support, that is not named donald trump. >> reporter: without direct jabs to candidates of either party kasich said he is a a practical choice. >> muslims are fighting in the war right now for the united states. let's stop demon icing them. >> this idea of socialism and free stuff, come on. >> reporter: president obama's supreme court nomination. >> i don't think the president should send anybody up now because it is not going to happen. >> reporter: this to a question on social issues.
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>> if you are a cup cake maker and somebody gay and sell the cup cake. >> i think moderate views on social issues, concerttive, he has done great in ohio. >> he says he is only one who could beat hillary clinton in the general election, is that true. >> i think he has a good chance because he is moderate. it will be hard in the primary. >> reporter: it is not the march madness he is experiencing on the political front, kasich did make a prediction on villanova's chances. >> do i think you can win it all? i do. >> reporter: bit of the challenge locally just last month the university of pennsylvania student filed a motion to have john kasich disqualified from being on the ballot on april 26th here in pennsylvania. he was working with a rubio camp so it is unclear if this issue will press on now that marco rubio has suspended his campaign. the reporting from villanova university, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". straight ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" a helicopter hijacked and forced to fly over a prison, how they pulled off this daring inmate escape.
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find out what happened once they flew away. reports of child abuse, sky rocketing here in chester county, and you will be very surprised to hear why the d.a. says it is happening. i'll have the store friday chester county coming up. and fighting the zika virus with something found in your kitchen, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us what researchers are mixing together to stop the spread. the st. joes hawks take to the skies, and "eyewitness news" was on board the plane, they are joining nova and temple for big dance. we are getting you ready for march madness.
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on the cbs healthwatch with the zik at virus a a global emergency researchers are testing something found in your kitchen to keep from it spreading. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain this new finding.
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>> reporter: the zika virus is in central and south america and caribbean but concern is with warmer temperatures the the mosquitoes that carried that virus will spread it more extensively into the united states. but researchers may have come up with a way to stop it. >> a couple time. >> reporter: oils from lemon grass leaves could be the key to stopping mosquitoes from spreading the zika virus. scientists mix oil with sugar, yeast, heat to create a microscopic doughnut irresistible to mosquito larvae. result in the lab are described as impressive. >> they have eaten particles, digest ted them and then died as a result. 100 percent kill rate. >> reporter: nervous shuts down nervous, digestive and respiratory systems killing hungry larvae in three to five days. oil is safe for people and environment, unlike pesticide, used to kill mosquitoes in countries like brazil. >> we are trying to package it so we can get to it where we want it to go, and not pollute the whole environment.
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>> reporter: researchers in this lab are working on a the patent for oil filled doughnut. >> six to 12 months, with the right partner, we could have this out there, for use. >> reporter: they hope to test doughnuts in mosquito breeding pools in south america, later this year k and researchers say, lemon grass oil is cheap, a gallon cost less than a dollar and potent two drops is enough to kill thousands of mosquitoes. >> two drops who knew, cheap and potent. >> lemon grass oil. >> and natural. >> good stuff. >> thanks, stephanie. well, a transit, shut down in the washington d.c. area is leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters frustrated and unable to get around. the nation's second largest subway system is now not operating due to safety concerns after a series of electrical fires. the metro has been closed since midnight, as crews inspect the power cables, service is expected to resume at 5:00 a.m., tomorrow. well, our three local teams heading to the ncaa tournament, hit the road
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today. mens teams. don bell will have more in just a few moments. >> brings i up a good question, have you filled out your bracket? even better question, is there a best was to fill out the bracket? it is tonight's good question submitted by paul from phoenixville. dozens of teams, impossible to know every single thing about every single one of them, what about the upsets? do you play the odds. >> which bracket do i fill out, which one do i pick my final four. absolutely. really. like playing a lottery ticket. you have to fill in a couple brackets in order to have a chance to win. >> i better get working. there is a strategy there, fill out a few, see how it goes, nicole answers the good question, is there a best way to fill out, a bracket. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or use #cbs-3 good question. >> i look at team defense and which teams causes most turnovers. >> i go free throws. >> really. >> if it is a close game, it
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might come down to a free throw. >> interesting. >> i just go with whatever name i like best. >> through go that works too. >> i feel like they are all good. >> colorado. >> mascots, whatever sound great. >> great day to day. >> it was a great day to day. beautiful. we had more sunshine then i hoped for. it was like what we hoped. yesterday might turnout but now we have showers and storms, as we said every day this week we have a chance. here we go another round of showers, and a few thunderstorms moving through. the good news they are moving rapidly. bad news they have frequent lightening and some reports of hail. i had another report of twitter of hail in havertown. the lets look the at what is happening outside. we will go out to citizens bank park camera, nobody on the field just yet but we are getting close to the phillies home opener. you can see dark cloud in the distance. they came up on us quickly with a beautiful afternoon, blue skies, temperatures around 07 degrees. now, things are looking, onerous in the distance because line of showers and storms are rumbling through. lets look at storm scan 3789
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it the is mainly from the city north. the not seeing much in south jersey and delaware. in south jersey or delaware you are wondering what the hype is all about. in portions of bucks county where this nasty storm just rolled through, on the main line, in havertown, hatfield, places like that even center city philadelphia, we have had rumbles of loud thunder, flashes of lightening and heavy rain. but notice how quickly this is moving out of here. the here's where it is right now this line extended from portions of eastern new york state down to the city of philadelphia a, and steady rain is now with this system, a lot of lightening, now moving into northern new jersey. that crossed threw upper bucks. storm over northeast philadelphia at the moment is producing heavy rain. you can see where heaviest rain and lightening is there near solebury and heading further south we have got some rain right now over center city philadelphia. but northeast seeing frequent lightening, heavy rain and the threat for some small hail, potentially with these storms. the these then move out, and we will have a carbon copy day, tomorrow. a lot like today. with some sunshine early, temperatures on the mild side,
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and a chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. palmyra cove nature park camera shows how ominous over center city. sky same color as delaware river there. not looking that great anywhere. middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. more sunshine still but eventually you will get a a few more clouds as well. temperatures right now still 68 in philadelphia. sixty-two in millville. cooler in dover at five 56789 reading is at 64 degrees at the the moment. not too bad. future weather shows these showers should exit by about 8:00 o'clock. we will clear it the out. start your thursday with some sun, not a bad start tour st. patrick's day. the in the a afternoon we see another line of these scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm moving through and that will usher in the start of a noticeable cool down. 40 percent chance of rain tomorrow 306789 percent on friday with just a stay shower. saturday looks like our one dry day before another chance of rain, returns on sunday, and then as we head in the weekend a lot of cold air, unleashed from canada and we're talking about a mid-march cool down, it will feel like we jumped right back to winter, even though it is start of the spring this
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weekend. for your thursday, sun, mild day, 66 with an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. your eyewitness weather three day forecast, i have to move that shamrock. i forgot to do that. 66 degrees for your st. patrick's day. friday, 55. and then saturday, only 48. that is not even the coldest day of the seven day forecast. >> okay. >> coming up i'll tell but the real chill and when we can see a few snow flakes. >> that shamrock wanted to see more sun it does. >> i have a people may be celebrating friday. >> that could be true. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a girl who doesn't slow down. >> evelyn needs frequent hospital care, see the help her family is getting, and find out her surprise, dream job, don. all aboard, nova, temple, st. joes hitting the road, up next we will take you inside the flight for the the hawks, as they take off for the pacific northwest, s
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don bellies here now and with march madness comes some traveling. you have to get where you are going. >> time to get out of time for these guys. >> long wait. >> miami, cancun, cayman island for rest of the student body, spring breaks start in the week for villanova basketball team they are taking their trip right now. wildcats boarding buses a at 1:00 this afternoon on their way to brooklyn for ncaa tournament. they will take on 15th seed unc/ashville friday night. send off for those guys. wildcats drive up the new jersey turnpike st. joes hawks are taking a cross country flight. cbs-3 with an exclusive look inside the plane where the only station taking the trip to spokane, washington, st. joes getting set, to hook up with cincinnati on friday. and about an hour and a half ago the temple basketball team boarded their buses for brooklyn. late departure. they will love that traffic, going over the bridge, in stat on island let me tell you, yikes. owls are playing, iowa on
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friday. we're getting you ready for march madness tonight with a special preview show march to houston presented by toy yet, leslie van arsdal is in brooklyn, live with temple and villanova. we're also as you know, on the road to spokane with st. joes. the show is tonight at 7:30 here on cbs-3. and sign up for the bracket challenge, on cbs the grand prize winner will take home a $5,000 american express gift card, there are also, prizes for winners of the each round, make your picks now on cbs also for that show tonight at 7:30 we will let you know phil martelli will join us from spokane. >> very nice. >> 7:30. >> 7:30. >> see you then. >> take them to the limit. i'll still feeling it. >> i hope you are right. >> it rights there, 16, one. >> mark it down. >> all about the guts. >> coming up next, caught on
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camera inmates cling from the rope of the helicopter. it looks like something from an action film. where this took place and how this drama ended. and a local connection involving the hacking attack involving celebrities and nude photos some victims included jennifer lawrence and kate upton. coming up the insider will join us with what led to the man's arrest. new at 6:00 her back against the wall but this isn't all fun and games, reason south jersey students were duct taping their principal to the wall, and the special meaning it has to children, and faculty alike.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free
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♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ good evening, concern is growing over sky rocketing number of child abuse cases in chester county. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. eye witt the necessary news reporter walt hunter is live in west chester with more on what is behind this upsetting
5:30 pm
trend, walt. >> reporter: chester county is one of the fastest growing philadelphia suburbs in pennsylvania but the numbers that were growing today that the d.a. talked about are numbers of deep concern, the number of reported child abuse cases county, sky rocketing and might be surprised to hear what the d.a. thinks is behind this sad growth in cases. it was november 2014, inside of this trailer, records show that three-year old scott mcmilan was tortured and murdered. his mother and her boyfriend sentenced to death. but now disturbing new information, that in the nearly two years since scott was murdered, child abuse reports in chester county are sky rocketing. >> that is a a huge and staggering spike. >> reporter: district attorney tom hogan disclose ago this reports of the child abuse to his office have exploded. they have exploded from 414 in 2014, to more than 1300 last year. the projected number for this
5:31 pm
year between 17 and 1800. >> anybody who thought child abuse wasn't a a problem, you need to look at those numbers and say child abuse is a problem. >> reporter: hogan explained it is not that more children are being abused, it is that more cases are being reported. he believes it is largely the result of the convictions of jerry sandusky and the penn state scandallal on multiple child abuse counts. >> after sandusky you had a lot of awareness so that is pushing it. to the law change, the law mandated more people to become reporters and more actions to be reported. >> reporter: sadly hogan says with increased awareness and reporting, only now are we learning for the first time, how many young victims like scott, there really are. >> it is like picking up a rock and watching all of the horrible things, move away. what is going on here is now we're simply fully finding out, the extent of this
5:32 pm
horror. >> reporter: d.a. says he has tripled his staff to deal with the rising number of child abuse reports and he says that he may need still more manpower, to bring those, responsible, for abusing those who are the most vulnerable to justice. live from chester county i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. animal cruelty authorities in lancaster county are investigating after a horse was found abused and abandoned. that horse is nicknamed lily, when it was found in the barn on monday. authorities say she had been hit by more than 100 paint balls. lily is under going care at chester county a's new bolton center. experts say she is in extreme pain. >> it looks like it was done close range, so she probably wasn't able to move and that would be excruciating, beyond immeasurable amounts of pain. >> when you you see that your mind imagines how someone could do something like that. >> handlers say lily is also blind in one eye. the authorities are searching
5:33 pm
for the owner, and those responsible for this shooting. an american college student is sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a north korea prison for allegedly trying to steel a propaganda banner. country's high court convicted university of virginia student otto today, the 21 year-old from ohio was detained in january as he prepared to leave north korea with the tour group. the last month he gave a tear filled apology. >> i entirely beg you and the government, for your forgiveness. please, i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> he says that he had tried to steel the political banner from an employee's only floor, of a hotel, as a souvenir for a family friend. the united states state department is calling for his release. caught on camera, dramatic video shows two inmates using a hell cooperate tore break out of prison, and this
5:34 pm
actually happened in 2013 but canadian court just released video. the men tried to climb up a rope in the chopper but they could not make it all the way before it took off. they flew out of a detention center in quebec with they from two who hijacked the helicopter they were caught a few hours later. a luxury yacht makes positive energy burst into flames in the virgin island. it had to be towed out in the marina in saint thomas by authorities. eyewitnesses shared images of the fire on social media showing enormous smoke plume that loomed over the caribbean island. authorities say that it took a few hours to get that fire under control but no one was hurt. the hack's accused of leaking nude photos of celebrities in 2014 has pleaded guilty and there is a local connection. >> the insider's debbie now joins us from los angeles with what led up to his arrest. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence, kim kardashian, kate upton those are just a few of the over 100 victims whose
5:35 pm
privacy was violated, in the celebrity hacking scandal. and, today, the hacker is charged. >> they were yours. >> i was one of the people who got hacked are. >> hacked. >> hacked. >> that is disturbing. >> it was disturbing. >> reporter: hollywood's leading ladies are finally getting justice. the after a pennsylvania man agreed to plead guilty yesterday, for his part in the nude photo hacking scandal. >> it is a total violation. >> reporter: though investigators have not uncovered any evidence linking ryan collins to the actual leak, prosecutors say that the 36 year-old, accessed dozen of icloud and g mail accounts that led to the selfie celebrity gate. he is facing five years in prison for felony computer hacking and what j lo calls a sex crimes. >> i worked for celebrities protecting their computers a and phones from getting hacked. >> reporter: so far, no famous victims have responded to collins expected guilty plea but our hacking insider, kevin mitnick says that even though at least one of the celebrity
5:36 pm
hackers had been found, hollywood should still be on guard. >> i would advise people don't up load any personal and sensitive stuff to clouds, whether it is google cloud, apple's icloud just don't do it. >> reporter: we will have so much more on this story tonight the on the insider. ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> once again for more on celebrity gate and all of your hollywood news watch insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. still to come, a major change, to instagram, that some say you'll either love or hate. what you can soon expect on your feed. plus ♪ twinkle twinkle little star ♪ >> a disease keeps this young girl smaller then her age but she's already thinking about her dream job. she surprised me, children like her need some help from you. this is little will kate. today, it turned out to be a beautiful day but we have
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shower chances in the forecast through end of the week as temperatures head downward. backward even toward the start of the spring and even a few snow flakes possible. i will tell you when, when we check eyewitness weather, when we come right back.
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since the great recession - a good start. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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we may notice some changes tour instagram feed soon, the photo sharing social media app is set to test a new al gore wrist many that will change your feed in terms of interests. right now it shows photos in chronological order. this change will, make the posts you see specific, to the topics that you search the most and that are relevant to
5:41 pm
you. now the move comes a month after twitter started a new time line experiments. >> we will see about that. >> if you think your commute is bad here be glad you don't live in l.a. a new study find traffic in los angeles ranks number one, among the top ten worst traffic area in the nation. commuters there spend an average of 81 hours a year on the blocked roads. washington d.c., san francisco, houston and new york round out the top five. philadelphia, by the way didn't make the top ten but, they say stretches of i-95 and schuylkill on their worst corridors list. i think we all know about that. we have all been stuck in that one. >> i have flown into l.a. during rush hour time, doing movie things that i do, crazy, jammed all the time. i don't know, take me back. >> i drove there when i was in school, oh, boy. >> i understand. coming up, a chance for springtime snow flakes, sorry, it is apparently true, kate's
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so there will be theythings to keep us up.ies. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine. clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. tonight, we sleep.
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next tuesday you can help
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give families of sick children a home away from home. we will be taking calls from 6a to 8:00 p.m. for ronald mcdonald house charities right here at cbs-3. >> i got to see brotherly love and sisterly affection inside one of those houses through the eyes of the little girl and she had big dreams too. >> get ready. >> like any rambunctious eight year-old, evelyn loves to play and this playroom inside this ronald mcdonald house of delaware has it all, including a pirate ship. >> er g. >> play time can be dangerous for evelyn if she's not careful. >> i cannot get down. >> evelyn was born with osteo genesis, or brittle bone disease, a person with oi does in the grow as much as an average person this rare disorder means evelyn breaks her bones, a lot. >> she's fractured over 200 times so far. >> for treatment her mom and dad bring her to ai du pont hospital in wilmington for
5:46 pm
therapy, sometimes twice a day. >> three hour drive from chambersberg pa to delaware. the distance we have to cover would be, we could not do it. >> not having to make that drive back and forth is a blessing, a safe haven, place for a hot meal, comfortable room, a friendly smile, the ronald mcdonald house is all that and then some. >> the people here are so wonderful. it is a home away from home. >> we socialize in the kitchen. you always make friend. i know people all across the country from staying here. >> ronald mcdonald houses are more than just a place to stay but place to live providing support, hope and always an emotional twinkle of love. >> ♪ twinkle, twinkle little star ♪ >> big finish. >> ♪ how i wonder what you are ♪ >> yes. >> your my star. >> and one day she just may be a star, evelyn told me when she grows up she wants to be a weather girl. >> i will be waiting for you,
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okay. i will save you a seat right beside you. a little fist bump, bam, she blew it up to. >> help make her forecast and so many others bright and sunny. your donations are dance worthy, join the celebration, please help. >> again, tell a-a-thon is next tuesday. >> come on up. >> that is great. >> anytime that she wants to. >> i necessity she's watching. we will bring her down. >> have her on the green screen. >> that would be fun. >> yes. >> great day to day, around the region. >> yes, things change, in a blink of an eye. beautiful. and then these showers popped up very quickly, into thunderstorms. we had loud thunder outside people telling me on twitter that the thunder crept on them. these storms intensified and weakening and moving out pretty much a as quickly, just a quick burst of showers and storms and now we are trying to clear out throughout the
5:48 pm
rest of the evening. lets look outside. we will go out to bethlehem and see roads in bethlehem and northampton county are wet. we have had showers and thunderstorm moving through that area. it has cleared out, and we're probably going to see return of the sunshine before the evening is over, especially west of the city and as these storms continue to truck eastward and moving very quickly, but again, put a damper on what otherwise had been a gorgeous day. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers, they are showing us what is going on around their neck of the woods. temperatures right now, still feeling fantastic, temperatures wise. 66 degrees as we check with phil in philadelphia phil send us great photos. no exceptions. showed us clouds rolling in this afternoon. afternoon thunderstorms there. take a look at this beautiful shower, blooming, it is almost springtime, spring begins on sunday. unfortunately those of us who have flowers blooming may need to cover them up, as temperatures will head down near freezing mark as we head through weekend and into next week.
5:49 pm
69 degrees as we check with david dutch in clementon. sixty-nine and cloudy. just a few drops of rain. we will head up to burlington county further are north here, allen is in delran, new jersey. 69 degrees there. allen says clouding over after a beautiful day. looks like rain. we will get some here. really soon if not right now, ed connor in chesterfield is he seeing thunderstorms? at 1400 it was bright and mostly blue skies and now you very gray and getting dark. reason for that is we have thunderstorm, heading in that direction. the lets look at is what happening. we will go out to look at storm scan three and again, we will see thunderstorms moving into portions of new jersey. they have pretty much cleared pennsylvania, and can't rule out another pop up shower or storm this evening. but the strong thunderstorms with the lightening and thunder have moved out of pennsylvania, and now mainly over north and central new jersey. pretty thick cloud bank moving into south jersey and delaware but as you you can see southern end of this really has not fired up. i am watching scattered showers right now forming near d.c. area can't rule out
5:50 pm
something eventually getting in south jersey or delaware but for now it looks like south and central new jersey getting brunt of the action. from new york city area north jersey down into mercer county and northwestern burlington county, northeastern burlington county, that is where we are seeing showers and thunderstorm activity. it has weakened considerably but still seeing decent amount of lightening and heavy rain especially heading out into portions of northern, burlington county. right around bordentown and border of bucks county and burlington county. as we clear out tonight sun should return in many spots, this is a fast moving line of showers and storms, still 68 at the airport. sixty-four in reading. sixty in wilmington this should drop as we head into next hour just rain cooled air in the wake of the showers and storms. look at what is lurking up here in the great lakes and upper midwest. it is 46 in minneapolis. forty-nine inialpena. eventually as we head through the next few days that cold air will work its way in. so tomorrow is a lot like today. sixty's, some sun but round of
5:51 pm
afternoon showers and storms. friday, breezy, cooler with a chance for stray sprinkle in the afternoon and even colder on saturday, near 50, i don't even think we hit it here in philadelphia it will be close despite sunshine it is a chilly day. cold air just continuing to rotate in throughout weekend and especially in the start of next week. we have a system we are tracking sunday night into monday that will bring rain and chance for a few wet snow flakes. overnight isolated shower patchy clouds, 46 degrees is your low. eyewitness weather seven day forecast gradual cooling, thursday that afternoon shower, friday cooler as well and chilly saturday through tuesday, highs only in the 40's, that is snow flakes that would be sunday night into monday morning. now back to you at the desk. >> kate, thank you. a north philadelphia charter school that targets former drop outs is seeing success through a new program that prepares you for a different type of daily grind. >> sherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio explains what these students are doing and how it is
5:52 pm
changing lives. >> reporter: wearing a green apron and black visor, this is the dream team. the these guys are baristas in training. the star bucks cafe on the fifth floor of the youth build charter high school with where education is about more than just coffee. >> i wouldn't have been smiling, had a mean face. >> reporter: at 20 albert wilson says long commute and excessive tardiness push him out of school. for daniel, it was depression and anxiety, but this year, a at youth build, both of them are back on track. >> i have seen myself doing more positive things and service. >> it is completely life changing for them. >> reporter: stephanie waller is training coordinator for youth build which works with 220 students, age 18 to 24. they provide academics, and skills training, business, health care and more and encouraging communities services both here and abroad.
5:53 pm
this barista program in partnership with star bucks is just part of the overall effort. >> some students are getting jobs, some students have gone to college, something that they are doing both. >> tall coffee with sugar. >> reporter: for dream team, coffee is step one. >> there is opportunities, i just don't have to be one. >> reporter: to have a skill that lead to satisfying customers. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> i just like to see people happy. >> reporter: and a better life. in north philadelphia, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". how you about that one cup of coffee at a time. >> cheers to keeping the dream alive. still ahead on "eyewitness news" first star wars and harrison ford is bringing back another big character to the big screen. >> new adventure with director steven speilberg, next.
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5:57 pm
well, many of you saw harrison ford return to star wars and now he is getting ready to play another one of his famous rolls, once again. ford's grabbing his whip, hat, one more time to play indiana jones in a new adventure. he is also back with director steven speilberg. the movie does not have a title yet but due in theaters in 2019. he will be 77 years young when the film comes out. >> seventy-seven. >> how about that still doing his thing. >> go ahead, man. >> if you are a fan have of criminal mind cbs has more for to you have love. >> a spin off, criminal mind, beyond borders, premiers
5:58 pm
tonight. >> what are we go to go do this time, boss. >> cairo, egypt. >> and actor gary sinise lead a specialized international division of the fbi that solves crimes and rescues americans of danger abroad. daniel henny and others say the international aspect makes it fascinating for fans. >> our show travels internationally, so each episode is a different country which is amazing. so you will experience different cultures, spiritual issues, and feelings. >> individually go on that ride with us which is really fun. >> yeah. >> we will learn a lot like you would think, culturally, and everything. it is just fin to just go through that and we learn different things each time we open up a script about how to hold your weapon, or, how to greet people. >> arm the world, the new criminal mind spin off
5:59 pm
criminal mind beyond borders premiers tonight at ten on cbs-3. >> big gary sinise fan. good show. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 from sunny to stormy, kate. that is right after a warm sunny balance of the day the afternoon turnout a little stormy. we had a line of powerful storms moving through cross nothing to new jersey. i will take a look at storm scan three and tell what you to expect and looking ahead. and heart break in a philadelphia high school, how students honored memory of the classmate who died suddenly from bacteria meningitis. also president obama makes his pick but will his choice for supreme court justice be approved? senators from our area, weigh in, on merrick garland's nomination. an emotional home coming for servicemen and women returning from south jersey, also hugs, kisses, and plans for the future.
6:00 pm
and right now at 6:00 o'clock we have hail in havertown. eyewitness cam video shows wick weather in delaware county. john sharing this video with "eyewitness news", hail storms pounding the pavement in cars, and this eyewitness cam video from darlene leash, showing a similar scene in her backyard. from sunny to storm any just, moments. a live look now at storm scan three where you can see that line of storms, sweeping to the east. just when we thought, we had a pretty perfect day the skies opened up, good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everyone, i'm jessica dean. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking these storms from the weather center. we saw these storms. they are moving fast. >> they have been moving up and out very quickly. timing was right on for showers we talk about yesterday. the what was unexpect was how quickly these storms strengthened and fact that they produced hail and frequent lightening. lets look at how they formed out of no where. it was beautiful day. then they popped up. they brieflynt


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